How long does your treatment take to work?

The products we use will be taken back to the colony where it is passed on to the larvae. This accelerates the destruction of the colony which should only take 2 – 3 weeks.

How long will your ant treatment last?

Our treatment involves the use of a non-repellent liquid insecticide which means it won’t kill ants on contact but is taken back to their colony where it is secreted to other members and over a short period of time that colony will die. We warranty our treatments for 3 months however keep in mind other colonies may arise in the future and in fact there have been instances where, due to a number of colonies present, the problem took over 6 months to remedy.

I’ve heard that if I have black ants I won’t have termites … is that true?

No. It’s true black ants will attack termites but termites operate in hidden chambers which can be in the immediate vicinity of black ants but the ants won’t even know of the termite’s presence so the two species can coexist.

I bought an ant treatment from a local hardware store and it seemed to kill all the ants I saw but a week or so later I saw more ants appear why is this?

Store bought ant treatments (eg powder) quite often are repellents that kill the ants on contact. When you see ants you’re only seeing a tiny portion of their colony and these products may not kill the ants you can’t see. When a store bought dust or spray is used, the colony just “closes shop” for a few days and will soon return as though nothing has happened.

I have a small bee hive in my backyard, can’t I just hose it down to get rid of them?

This would be a brave act. Hosing the nest will possibly anger them and cause them to swarm but long term it won’t get rid of them.

I have a bee’s nest in my back yard, do you simply come in and remove it or do you just kill all the bees present?

At this stage we simply kill all the active bees around the nest. We would then recommend you remove the honeycomb to stop other bee colonies inhabiting this nest at some point in the future.

Will the bees return after removal of the nest?

This is unlikely but not impossible. Once the nest is removed, the bees should move on but there is no guarantee a new colony won’t return in the future although this is not likely.

I’ve found bed bugs under my mattress and yet I’m fanatical about cleaning . . . why have I got them?

This is not an uncommon occurrence and one that seems to be on the increase. Bed bugs can be bought into a home unnoticed via suitcases (If you’ve been travelling), flowers purchased at a local florist may harbour bed bugs, second hand furniture can be a vehicle for bed bug transportation or they may have even been bought in to your home on a painting you’ve just hung on your wall. Spotless hygiene habits doesn’t preclude bed bugs appearing but it does help. If you have evidence of bed bugs, contact Perth Pest Control and we can detail the strict protocol we follow in bed bug elimination.

I’ve found some unusual bites on my children’s arms and legs and am worried they are form bed bugs. What does a bed bug bite look like?

A bed bug bite consists of a small, raised red bump or a flat welt often accompanied by very intense itching. A bed bug bite may appear similar to a mosquito bite however they tend to last longer than a mosquito bite. Bed bug bites tend not to have a red dot in the centre as flea bite would have and also, bed bug bites tend to appear on shoulders and arms and present as lines of bites. Please contact our office if you wish to discuss this issue further.

Will vacuuming my room and washing my linen in hot water get rid of all bed bugs?

This is a very good start. As well, all nearby clothes should be washed and shoes cleaned thoroughly. Unfortunately bed bugs, and their eggs, can be located in small cracks (in a cupboard or bed head for example) so whilst the washing may kill the obvious bed bugs, the infestation may still be present so a more aggressive approach may need to be taken which would involve a specialist treatment from Perth Pest Control.

Will your bed bug treatment kill ALL the bed bugs present in my bedroom?

The treatment we use will be effective very quickly however it will not kill the bed bug eggs. These eggs may hatch over the ensuing weeks. To make sure we eliminate all the bed bug infestation, Perth Pest Control’s technicians use a residual spray that should kill the bed bugs once they hatch. In some case we may recommend a follow up inspection and this can be discussed with the technician at the time of treatment.

I’ve heard that freezing clothes and linen will kill bed bugs . . . is this true?

Yes. Studies have shown that 2 hours freezing will kill bed bugs but the problem is, do you want to be stuffing all your best linen and clothes into your fridge or freezer? It will kill the bed bugs but it’s simply not a convenient, or practical, option for most people.

After your treatment, can I sleep in the bedroom that night?

This shouldn’t be a problem. Our treatments involve the use of low risk pesticides but if one has a propensity for allergies, it may be wise to sleep in another room for 1 night.

Why can’t I use a “bed bug repellent” bought from a supermarket?

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to treat. At Perth Pest Control we are licensed to use products that cannot be bought at the supermarket or hardware store. The products we use whilst they are very efficacious in the elimination of bed bugs, are also safe to use and are designed to target bed bugs specifically which is not necessarily the case for store bought pesticides which tend to be aimed at a wide range of pests. Our products also have a residual effect meaning that any bed bug eggs present at the time of treatment will die when they hatch over the ensuing weeks and again, this is not necessarily a feature of store bought products

The window ledges on our 3rd storey office seem to be a haven for pigeons and doves, can we stop them landing there?

Birds congregating on a commercial window ledge is not uncommon . . . particularly in older buildings.  The major issue with that is the collection of faeces can make the building an eyesore. Yes, we can eliminate this problem using one of a variety of methods such as spikes or visual deterrents.

Our warehouse constantly has birds entering through the loading dock. They leave droppings around the warehouse and we’ve even found nests in the roof. It’s not practical to close the loading bay so how can we stop the birds entering?

Bird proofing is a proven way to block their entry into large scale industrial premises. Netting can be configured so it blocks their entry point but doesn’t impede workers. As well, other entry points can be proofed permanently using mesh barriers. Contact Perth Pest Control for more details.

I have a major issue with pigeons in a large warehouse renovation my company is undertaking. They invade constantly, leaving droppings everywhere. How can you stop them?

The hazard presented by a bird invasion in this situation can be a serious health issue for workers and so the threat needs to be controlled quickly and effectively. Fumes from dried faeces may cause respiratory issues, and even a build-up of bird droppings on a structure may can cause damage to the building itself. This problem is one where we may have to employ more aggressive methods than spikes or netting and involves baiting and possibly shooting. Perth Pest Control has a good degree of expertise with bird control so contact us for more details.

I’ve seen some large black cockroaches inside my house, does this mean I’ll have a cockroach colony hidden somewhere?

The large ones you see tend to be outdoor cockroaches. These ones can fly and may have entered your home by crawling or flying inside. It’s unlikely a nest of this particular variety will be present inside your house.

I’m seeing some small brown cockroaches and some large black ones inside . . . is there a big difference between the two?

The small German cockroaches pose the most immediate threat. Black ones tend to be an outdoor variety whereas the smaller ones prefer indoor locations with warmth and shelter and can breed prolifically and you’ll see them around sinks, dishwashers, in cupboards and drawers and if seen in numbers, it’s time to consider a proper cockroach treatment.

I’m starting to see a number of cockroaches appearing in my restaurant. Will your treatment kill them all and do I have to empty out my food preparation areas for you to do a treatment?

Yes, a proper treatment knowing which species of cockroach is present will eradicate them. Cockroaches like warmth and darkness so it’s important kitchen areas are kept clean and no food scraps are present on floors, benches etc. Our treatment for cockroaches uses a registered gel that is safe to use in food areas so you may not have to empty out your kitchen however if there is a large infestation, we may have to resort to a surface spray which will entail removing implements etc from your food prep areas as well, we will dust all motors with a special cockroach insecticide.

How can I reduce the possibility of cockroaches entering my home?

Keep in mind cockroaches enjoy warm dark areas and of course food scraps. Make sure you clean up thoroughly after meals and remove all food scraps. Clean oven tops and other areas where grease and oil may accumulate and fill any small cracks, crevices etc where cockroaches may hide and store all products in sealed plastic containers.

I suspect my daughter has been bitten by fleas from our dog. What do flea bites look like?

Flea bites tend to be small yet quite distinctive. Once bitten, the body releases the chemical Histamine in reaction to the saliva introduced by the flea and this results in an itchy, small, red bump with a red halo around the centre. The bites tend to appear around (but not exclusively) ankles and legs and can form in straight lines.

I seem to have either bed bugs or fleas in my bedroom, how can I tell the difference?

Fleas and bed bugs have a similar brown colour and can be a similar size but the flea will have a flattened body (looking from the top) whereas the bed bug has more of an oval shape. The other noticeable difference is in their movements in that bed bugs can’t fly or jump . . . only crawl. Fleas, on the other hand, can leap quickly and high, sometimes up to 200 times their body length!

Our pet dog died over 6 weeks ago yet I can still see some fleas appearing in the carpet now … how come?

Yes, fleas need a host such as a cat or dog, from which they derive their nutrition. However, they can also live for several months without food so having them present, even after an animal has gone, isn’t uncommon.

I’m vacating a rental unit and the real estate company I deal with says I need to get a professional flea treatment as part of my lease agreement . . . can you do this?

Yes, we specialise in vacate bond flea treatments for tenants. We can provide this service quickly and with minimal inconvenience to you and as well, we offer a discounted price on this service. Upon completion, we will provide you with a payment receipt for you to give to your agent as part of your lease arrangement.

Is there anything I need to do prior to your company performing a flea treatment?

Yes, there are a few things you can do to make a treatment more effective. Firstly, vacuum clean all the carpets and scuff them with the back of a broom to remove eggs and stimulate dormant fleas (dispose of this vacuum waste immediately in a sealed bag). Also, vacuum upholstered furniture and hard floors. Next, give your pets a thorough flea treatment. Also, if you are having an external flea treatment, it would be advisable to mow the lawns and lightly water them 15 minutes prior to the treatment (but they shouldn’t be watered for 2 – 3 days after the treatment).

Why can’t I simply buy a mouse poison from a hardware store to get rid of mice I see around my house?

You can but there are a number of factors which may stop this from working. These may include contamination of the poison when placing it, or poison competition may not make the store bought bait very attractive to a mouse. Perth Pest Control have learnt the movement and feeding habits of mice and use state of the art rodent poisons laid strategically to make sure our mouse elimination strategy works quickly and efficiently.

Is there a danger of secondary poisoning harming my pets?

No. The bait we use to kill mice has no secondary effect meaning if the cat or dog ate the mouse, they won’t get effected. Store bought baits may seem like a cheap option but they may have secondary effects on pets.

I had a treatment done for mice 12 months ago but I’m starting to see them returning, how can I stop them once and for all?

Firstly, some factors may be out of your control. It may be recent nearby constructions have brought mice back to the area. It could be that seemingly harmless activities by your neighbours such as introducing chickens or breeding pigeons has attracted mice. What needs to be considered by you is a detailed proofing plan or you home or business. This involves sealing up all possible entry points and Perth Pest Control can advise on this.

I’ve seen a lot of what I thought were small caterpillars on my walls, are these actually Portuguese Millipedes?

In all likelihood yes. Portuguese Millipedes do have a cylindrical body like caterpillars and move similarly. What sets them apart is they will appear in large numbers and usually around early winter when the first rains have come.

Do Portuguese Millipedes pose any sort of threat to my children?

No, they are really just ‘nuisance pests’. They don’t carry disease and the worst effect would be if a yellowish secretion they carry stains your clothes.

How do you treat for Portuguese Millipedes?

Our treatment involves the use of a water based spray we apply externally. This will eliminate the existing numbers but be aware that the chemicals in the treatment we use will break down over time so there’s a good chance the millipedes will return next season. Perth Pest Control does give a 3 month warranty on our Portuguese Millipede treatment.

I hear noises in my ceiling . . . how can I tell if I have rats or possums?

Possums can make a lot of noise! They can scratch and scurry around and even play in your ceiling and they’re nocturnal creatures so this noise tends to happen at night. A rat’s presence can also be heard by scratching and scurrying so it is hard sometimes to distinguish between the two. A clearer indication of a possum’s presence can be given by their droppings which tend to be larger than that of a rat.

How do you eliminate possums from my house?

We use a humane trap to catch the possum. It’s a steel mesh baited trap that will hold the possum without harm until it can then be removed from your house.

Do you kill the caught possum?

No! Possums are a protected species and as such cannot be harmed in any way. At Perth Pest Control we humanly trap them and then remove them to another location for release.

Do I hire a possum trap from you and will you maintain it?

Yes on both questions. Our possum removal service includes an initial setup and 21 days hire. We can provide a daily inspection service of the trap although some people prefer to do it themselves. Extended hire periods for possum traps are also available.

I seem to have ongoing possum problems, how can I reduce this?

Once a possum, or possums, have been removed from your premises, a proofing plan may need to be implemented. This involves sealing up all potential possum entry points and Perth Pest Control can advise you on this. Also, keep low, overhanging trees away from your building as this is a popular entry point for possums.

I have rats in the ceiling of my home, how do you get rid of them?

Perth Pest Control use a very potent rodent poison that has proven to work effectively in nearly all situations.  Our treatment for rats also involves an inspection of the locale to determine the exact whereabouts of the rat (or rats).

Will the rats die in my ceiling after they eat the poison?

The poison we use for rat control acts to greatly increase a rat’s desire for water. This water can’t be found in a ceiling void and so the rat will frantically seek water outside and as the poison takes to 1 – 2 days to take effect and most likely death will occur to the rat outside your house.

Why can’t I simply buy some Ratsak and place it in my ceiling to eliminate the rats?

Commercially bought rat poisons don’t come with the experience needed to efficiently eliminate rats. There are many factors Perth Pest Control uses in eradicating rats: knowing rat trails, consciousness of competing bait sources, awareness of bait contamination etc. As well, the type of bait we use is a much more concentrated and efficient one that is commonly available at your local hardware store and does not have any secondary effect on pets whereas store bought poisons may affect other animals if they eat the poison or the rat.

I have a large warehouse with a rat problem, do I need to place baits everywhere to eliminate these rats?

No. In commercial / industrial situations experiencing rat problems, we tend to look at entry / exit points that rats may use. Here we place our specially designed rat bait stations and in most cases this system works very effectively. These stations need to be monitored regularly to maintain rat elimination. You can do this however most businesses will prefer to use the experience of Perth Pest Control who offer a scheduled maintenance service for rats.

I hear sounds in my ceiling at night, do I have rats?

If the sounds are scratching or thumping ones, there’s every likelihood you will have either rats or possums. Keeping in mind that possums are larger than rats so unless the sounds are very loud, you would probably have rats.

If a rat dies in my ceiling will there be a lingering smell?

Yes there’s a very good chance that will be the case and what’s more, that smell will be extremely pungent. It may also happen that upon decaying, bodily fluids may leak from the rat and stain your ceiling. The type of rat poison we use has been specifically designed to make the rat leave a house and seek water outside where it should eventually die.

I have found holes in my woollen jumpers in my cupboards, do I have silverfish or moths?

Silverfish tend to like things of plant origin such as cellulose or starch whereas some species of clothes moths prefer items of animal origin of which wool is one so in this case it appears you have moths.

I am laying new carpet in my house, should I worry about future infestations of carpet beetles?

Probably not. Carpet beetles like products of animal origin and yes, woollen carpets fall into this category however nowadays woollen carpets are treated with a pesticides at manufacture which makes them resistant to carpet beetles. Synthetic carpets are not attractive to carpet beetles but if they are soiled with traces of organic material (food scraps, skin cells from humans or animals for example) they may still be susceptible to a carpet beetle attack however regular vacuum cleaning should eliminate this threat.

How can I prevent an infestation of clothes moths?

A few simple tips that can help with clothes moth problems. Firstly, remove all lint, hair and dust from carpets, upholstered furniture, skirting boards, cracks in wooden floors and underneath furniture. Next, make sure closets, drawers and shelves are kept clean and free from dust where organic material can accumulate. Stored foods should be kept in sealed containers and finally, launder, dry clean or steam clothes and linen before storage as clothes moths like soiled items.

Is Perth a high risk area for termites?

According to CSIRO data yes. All of Australia seems to be a high risk area for termites but Perth in particular, due to a combination of factors, falls into the very high risk category. Here we have a very large and aggressive species of termite, Coptotermes Acinaciformis, which also collects in extremely large colony sizes and enjoys the natural timbers we use in construction as well as our sandy soils.

I’ve just noticed termites have eaten some wooden shelves I had in my garage, should I worry they could also be in my roof now?

Without wishing to alarm you, there would be cause for concern. Understand that the termites you’ve seen won’t just be satisfied with your shelves and then move away, they’ll look for more food sources in the vicinity. Other members of that termite colony may currently be in your ceiling, or may be in the future, so seek professional advice from Perth Pest Control on how to protect your home.

Why do some people call termites white ants?

Probably because of a long running series of TV commercials many years ago. Termites are not ants but possibly because of their colony structure and highly organised nature like ants, past advertising executives perhaps thought the term ‘white ant’ would register stronger than ‘termite’ with their target audience.

I keep hearing about termite barriers, what are these?

They are quite literally a barrier to stop termites from entering a construction whether it be a shop, warehouse or home. A barrier can take the form of a liquid chemical barrier or a physical one such as stainless steel mesh. They all aim at achieving the same end (stopping termites) however which one suits your purposes is best discussed with the experts at Perth Pest Control.

When you inject the liquid chemical into soil around my house, does it matter how far apart the injection holes are?

Yes! Chemical termiticide manufacturer’s specifications demand injection holes be no more than 300mm apart for correct dispersion of the liquid into the soil. Any greater distance than this may create a weakness (or hole) in the barrier leading to an entry point for termites. Perth Pest Control are meticulous in how we space our injection holes and in fact our technicians are trained to carefully measure not only the spacing between injection holes, but also the distance from a wall to create an effective ‘shield’ around that particular construction.

Are the chemicals you use for termite treatments safe for my family and pets?

An oft asked question. Firstly, the chemicals in use in the pest industry now are much safer than was used in the past. At Perth Pest Control we go one step further and use only water based treatments rather than solvent based. Water based means no lingering smells and dispersal of the chemical component is just as effective as solvent based but more rapid. The treatments we use have very low toxicity levels and we only use them outside a building. In fact advances in technology have now produced a new liquid treatment that does not even register on the Australian Poisons Schedule. Ask Perth Pest Control for more details.

I found termites in my house will you spray inside like you would outside?

A resounding no! Liquid treating inside premises is unsound practice as it may not eliminate a termite colony and if they’ve managed to infiltrate a home, you may only be seeing part of the colony and a liquid treatment may only eliminate a small section of that colony and not the whole thing. Internally, if termites are spotted, we would only initiate a termite baiting programme and follow a university documented procedure that will eliminate the entire colony of termites. If you want a liquid treatment inside your home or business we would recommend talking to another company as we know this type of practice is only a short term stop gap measure.

Your office recommended a baiting programme for my premises, why is this more expensive than your liquid barriers?

Baiting is the only sure way to eliminate a termite colony. It was developed by authorities at the University of Florida as well as Dow Agroscience and remains the only sure method of complete colony elimination available on the market today. It involves the use of highly developed chemical baits that have cleverly devised termite attractants built into them and as well, a baiting programme involves meticulous regular monitoring by trained technicians. Yes, baiting is a more expensive option but we know it works extremely effectively against termite invaders and keep in mind it takes 3 – 6 months to eliminate a termite colony using baiting and a queen may live for up to 50 years overseeing a colony of up to 5 million termites!

Why do I need a regular 12 month inspection for termites?

The Building Code of Australia recommends this period for consistent termite protection around a construction. Whilst the chemicals we use can have up to a 10 year warranty, no termite barrier is going to be 100% effective forever. Things change. It may be you’ve built a new shed, added a garden bed near the home or undergone some other sort of renovation or addition or perhaps a plumber has added a new downpipe or sinkwell. These, and other factors, may cause a breach of a termite barrier so it’s crucial not to take a ‘set and forget’ approach with termite barriers. What also needs to be kept in mind is that termites are devious and may find alternative routes around a barrier if the opportunity presents itself.

I just noticed a sticker in my meter box showing my home last had a termite treatment 5 years ago, do I need a check now?

2 points to consider. Firstly, in 5 years things done around your home may have disturbed the original treatment and anyway, you probably don’t know what sort of treatment was done 5 years ago and whether this treatment was conducted to a satisfactory standard. Secondly, you haven’t had any annual inspections so the level of termite activity around (and possibly in) your home hasn’t been checked so yes, we would advise firstly having a full termite inspection followed by a termite treatment that would involve a liquid termite barrier and possibly baiting if termites have penetrated the internals of your home.

I’ve noticed a small number of wasps around my house, what type are they?

There’s a good chance these are common Paper Wasps. The other type of wasp is the European Wasp and these tend to live in very large colonies (up to 5,000) in an underground nest.

Do wasps sting and then die like bees?

No, wasps can sting multiple times and their sting can be very painful. A bee will sting and its barbed sting will remain in human skin and when separated from the bee, the sting also removes elements of that bee’s digestive tract, muscles and nerves and this massive abdominal rupture is what kills the bee. A wasp’s stinger isn’t barbed and so can easily be removed from human skin without damage to the wasp and used many times.

I’ve noticed wasps flying around the top cap of my corrugated fence, could there be a nest there?

Almost certainly there would be a nest. Paper Wasps commonly build a nest under the top part of a fence and whilst its inhabitants won’t be large in numbers (less than 25) the location offers them a good degree of shelter.

I’ve noticed a honeycomb looking nest hanging outside a window with wasps buzzing around, can I spray it to eliminate the nest?

You can try and use some commercially available insect spray but this should be done with great care as it may infuriate the wasps who will aggressively defend their nest. Perth Pest Control technicians are trained in the correct elimination of a wasp threat so if you have any concerns, contact us.

Are the products you use for various pest treatments safe?

Today’s pest treatment chemicals are vastly different than those used in years gone by. Not only have they been chemically engineered to better target a specific pest, they are much friendlier to the environment and much safer for humans. Yes, a number of products are registered on the Australian Poisons Schedule but at a low toxicity level and in fact our newest product for termites, Altriset, does not even register on the Poisons Schedule! One other point to note is that unlike many pest control companies, Perth Pest Control have made a conscious decision never to use solvent based products. All our termiticides and pesticides are water based and whilst this is more expensive for us, we feel the effect to the environment, humans and pets is even further reduced and their application doesn’t leave any smelly residue. Also, on-going training of our quality technicians ensures a safe, accurate and responsible application of any product we use.

When you perform indoor treatments for general pests, should my family (and pets) leave the house?

Whilst the effect on your family and pets during our treatments is minimal (bordering on zero) it may be better to vacate the house for 4 hours. Upon returning you won’t notice any foul chemical smells and it will be completely safe.

Does my household contents and / or building insurance cover damage by termites?

Unfortunately no. We get asked this question quite frequently and it sometimes surprises our clients that this is the case but this is something beyond our control. Knowing this however, stresses the need to be diligent about protecting your home with annual termite inspections and the like.

Do you warranty all your work for general pests?

Whilst most of our general pest treatments will include a 3 month warranty, some pests require special consideration and warranties may differ. Please contact us for more details.

You talk about how your termite warranty is the best in the pest control industry . . . why is this?

We have made a conscious effort at Perth Pest Control to make sure our termite warranties are not only the best, but are also written plainly and clearly for all our customers to follow.

If I have a termite treatment and within the first 12 months I see some new termite activity, will you come back and re-treat at no charge?

Most definitely. Part of our commitment to you is that in this situation, we will return promptly and do a spot treatment on the area of termite activity. Furthermore if you maintain your annual inspections (beyond the first 12 months), we will continue to act on any termite activity we see.

Do I have to sign a contract for your 5 year annual termite inspections?

No. Your initial termite treatment includes the first 12 months coverage under our warranty after which we will give you a call to see if you wish to continue with the (recommended) annual inspections. At no time do we ‘lock you in’ to a contract however we will maintain the same annual price for you for 5 years after which the only increase will be in accord with CPI increases. Note that to maintain your termite warranty, you will need to have annual inspections however prudence should dictate you have these inspections so you can have peace of mind that your property is safe from termites.

My lawn has developed deadish looking yellow spots could this be because of lawn beetles?

Maybe. It could be because of one of a number of factors: over-watering, under-watering, fungal problems or even cutting the lawn too low can cause stress on the roots but yes, it may also be because of black lawn beetles or more specifically their larvae. Do a visual check to see if black beetles can be seen and also see if some of the lawn is easy to pull out in clumps.