The detection of termites

Termite cartoonForaging termites are constantly on the lookout for a ready food source (wood, paper, cardboard etc) and logic says that if you know the movements of termites, and can predict their next probable food source, you should be able to prevent them from causing damage to that source.

This concept is valid but because of the random nature of this foraging it may seem an impossible task however using a cleverly designed attractant may tip the scales in your favour and prevent future damage to your property.

The problem with termites is that they are always hidden. They don’t like light and remain hidden most of the time and in fact, this aspect of their nature dictates that when they find a food source they will eat it out from the middle and leave a thin outer layer for protection.  This means that quite often we don’t see termite activity until after the damage is done when evidence of their presence may be ‘mud’ trails up a wall or crumbling wooden joists for example.

However knowing all this can work in your favour and Perth Pest Control, armed with an intimate knowledge of termite habits, have developed a simple ‘early warning system’ which pre-empts the movements of termites and will ultimately reduce, and even eliminate, possible damage to a building.

Termiwatch was developed for Australian conditions and is 100% manufactured in Western Australia. It was designed as a very simple DIY method for home and building owners to give an early indication of termite presence in a particular area without having to spend thousands of dollars. Termiwatch is actually Australia’s first professional standard termite detection system and has been protecting thousands of homes since 2003.

Of course nothing is more secure in the fight against termite damage than a strong, well designed termite barrier . . . whether it be a physical or chemical one, however some circumstances (building design, ground layouts etc) may preclude a property from having a barrier or perhaps a building owner with a termite barrier simply wants more security and peace of mind knowing that they can get some advance notice of a termite attack. Whatever the reason, the Termiwatch DIY termite detection and monitoring system can be an essential tool in the battle against termites and more details can be seen on our dedicated Termiwatch website or alternatively contact us direct for further information.


For homeowners or property owners or managers who live in the Perth metro area, we have a special offer in place for you. Termiwatch has combined with Telethon to make our system even more accessible and for details click on the brochure below or visit our dedicated website: