Warranted annual termite inspections

Some facts:

•    Did you know that the queen of a termite (nest) colony can live up to 50 years and during her lifetime can produce up to 165,000,000 eggs?
•    Termites will forage up to 100 metres from their colony and work all year round as well, they thrive in WA’s sandy soils.
•    A mature termite colony can have up to 5 million termites.
•    Termites cannot eat wood, they rely on the help of a single cell organism in their gut to digest the cellulose in wood.
•    Termites use chemical scents (pheromones) to “talk” to one another and control each other’s behaviour. They’ll leave scent trails to warn other colony members of a possible threat or to direct other termites to a food source.

Warranted annual termite inspections - Worker termite

Worker termite

So there is more to termites than meets the eye . . .

but were you also aware of the following important facts:
•    According to CSIRO studies, 1 in 3 homes in Australia will be attacked by termites and in high risk areas such as parts of Western Australia, this number increases to 1 in 2 (Cookson & Trajstman 2002).
•    It’s estimated that termites in Australia cause over one billion dollars damage to homes each year.
•    Home building insurance does not cover termite damage to a dwelling as this is considered a maintenance issue by insurance companies.

All the above points about termites and the effects of termites are not meant to be sales hype . . . they are all verifiable facts collected over many years of meticulous research.

Armed with this knowledge what does one do to protect one’s most expensive investment? The building code of Australia calls up Australian Standard AS3660 to define appropriate systems of termite control for dwellings. It recommends an annual inspection of a home for termite activity and this inspection to be performed by a licensed pest controller. The Department of Consumer and Employment Protection in Western Australia also recommends these inspections.

The importance of this annual termite inspection can’t be stressed enough. Yes, older homes are more susceptible to attacks from termites but one would be living in a fool’s paradise to think that newer homes are safe from termites.

Warranted annual termite inspections - Royal Perth HospitalPerth Pest Control directors have been dealing with termites for over 25 years at all levels of structures from domestic homes through to large commercial buildings such as Royal Perth Hospital, the old Swan Brewery and the Catholic Education Centre in Leederville. We know termites and we’re very confident in our ability to deal with them. To this end we have instigated Australia’s most comprehensively warranted annual termite inspection offer.

So what are the options for you as recommended by the Building Code of Australia?

A) An annual termite inspection – warranted or non warranted (see below)
B) As per “A” but with protective liquid termite barrier installed (see our warranted barrier section HERE)
C) As per “A” plus world leading DIY termite detection systems (see our Termiwatch offer)
D) Professionally managed termite detection systems such as Sentricon
Now that you know your options, the choice is yours. If you wish to choose the warranted termite inspection only, please proceed below.

Warranted annual termite inspections

Our standard termite inspections are extremely thorough however they are essentially an advisory inspection. Warranted annual termite inspections are an Aussie first and with these we go one step further. We perform the inspection to Australian Standards, give you a written report and then after the day of inspection we will:

  • Proceed with spot treatments should live termites be found on the externals of your property
  • If live termites are found inside your home, at our cost we will conduct a Sentricon baiting plan to eliminate the colony

These warranted annual termite inspections we offer are unique to the industry. They are backed by our extensive knowledge of termites and termite activity around a home and we offer them to our customers in good faith. A more detailed brochure is available HERE

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