Termite Monitoring for new and existing homes


Termite damage to Australian homes is well documented and costs homeowners upwards of $100 million every year. Therefore it’s crucial to have an effective and secure termite barrier in place and to do this, we need to know the biology of termites . . . their habits and their weaknesses.
In Western Australia we have subterranean termites that spend their lives foraging underground for food. Knowing this, Sentricon, in accord with Dow Chemicals, developed a termite monitoring and barrier system called Sentricon Always Active.


In a nutshell, the Sentricon Always Active system is a series of stations placed strategically around a building. Each station contains a specially developed termite attractant / termiticide that does two things – 1) provides an effective termite barrier to that building and 2) gives the security of a continuous termite monitoring system.

Sentricon bait station - termite monitoring and termite detection

Sentricon bait station shown with accompanying termite bait rod


The termiticide used in the stations contain a rod made of a specially developed formula called hexaflumuron that is a chitin inhibitor designed to prevent a termite from moulting and producing an exoskeleton. If termites cannot go through this moulting process, they die. Also, termites exhibit a trait common of social insects and that is one of trophallaxis which is the mouth to mouth or mouth to anus transfer of fluids and foodstuffs and by this process, the termiticide is passed continually throughout the termite colony leading ultimately to the elimination of that colony.


The Sentricon Always Active stations are made from an extremely durable plastic that has a removable monitoring portal. The stations are buried at pre-determined intervals around a building and provide an immediate “ring of security” against termites in the proximity of that construction.


The Sentricon Always Active system is unique in that it is a professionally managed termite monitoring and termite barrier system that is maintained continually by trained technicians from Perth Pest Control. When installing a system we will carefully record the location of each station and set up a monitoring schedule. Ideally we will return every 3 – 6 months but this may alter should we discover termite activity. When our technician does an inspection, they will check each station for termite activity and replace bait rods as required.

Using an auger to make a hole for the bait station
Using an auger to make a hole for the bait station
Inserting the bait station into the hole
Inserting the bait station into the hole
Inserting the bait rod into the bait station
Inserting the bait rod into the bait station
The bait station shown in situ
The bait station shown in situ


The Sentricon termite monitoring and barrier system provides a ring of protection against termites for most buildings however it’s important to have the job done properly.  Perth Pest Control’s pedigree in this regard is second to none! No Western Australian owned pest control company has more experience with Sentricon and that’s a fact!
Since 1997 Perth Pest Control’s founder, Mark Moyle, has been marketing and managing termite colony elimination systems around Australia and at that time his company was one of only 32 licensed companies to be trusted and granted an initial Sentricon licence.
By 2002 Mark was completing nearly 70% of all Sentricon installations in Australia including:
•    Dreamworld on the Gold Coast
•    The entire Royal Perth Hospital site
•    The Swan Brewery site
•    10% of the town of Paraburdoo
To date Mark has been involved in over 14,000 termite colony eliminations with professional baiting systems and even involved in instigating systems at the Gracelands Mansion in Memphis USA as well as at The Alamo in San Antonio Texas.
What all this equates to is with Perth Pest Control you’re in safe hands when you wish to consider a Sentricon system for your most valuable asset. No job is too big or too small as well, we cover the entire state and consult nationally. Contact us for further details.

Statue of liberty pictograph

The Sentricon system and a quirky look at the structure of a termite colony

A graphical display of the advantages of the Sentricon termite baiting system

The Termiwatch DIY termite detection and monitoring system

termite monitoring and termite detection

Termite Detection

Is prevention the best cure as far as termites in your house is concerned?  An axiomatic question indeed but how can one prevent an attack on a home by a colony of termites before it happens?  One simple answer….TERMIWATCH.

Termiwatch Box - termite monitoring and termite detection


Termiwatch is basically a DIY termite detection and monitoring kit that will give you forewarning of any termite activity before it escalates and does damage to your home.  The basic premise of Termiwatch is that a planned system of very palatable (for termites!) wooden baits are buried around the perimeter of your home. These baits are placed at strategically separated distance so that foraging subterranean termites will come into contact with them.

Termites are constant underground foragers. The main constituent of their diet is cellulose – the cellulose found in wood – and they seek this out in their tens of thousands. One thing that we need to make clear is that termites are omnipresent. We can’t see them but they are all around us and constantly on the hunt for food.

Termiwatch Station - termite monitoring and termite detection

Termiwatch Station

Some wood is more appealing to termites than others and the bait we use in the Termiwatch system is an Australian timber specially chosen to be a major attractant for local termites.  It is buried just under the surface in a special station and monitored every 2 months for termite activity.

What the Termiwatch system gives you is an advance warning of the presence of termites around your home and this advantage could save you not only a deal of money, but perhaps also a lot of heartache should termites ingress into your house and cause damage.

Termiwatch is a 100% Western Australian designed termite detection and monitoring system that will give you peace of mind with regard to termites on your property. It’s worth mentioning that the bait stations we use will only come to the attention of locally foraging termites and will not attract termites from neighbouring properties.

Termiwatch can be purchased online and for more details, click HERE to visit our dedicated Termiwatch site.

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