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Pest myths . . . truths or disinformation?

There are many stories, urban myths . . . call them what you will, that have built up over time with regard to pests and their control. Some of these  may be tinged with an element of truth, some may be quite creditable whilst others are just WRONG!

Here we can set the record straight about a lot of common misconceptions regarding pests, their habits, their control and about the pest control companies themselves.

Hover your mouse over the true / false stamps below to possibly debunk many of the common myths about pest control.

Pest myth # 1

Are white ants the same as termites?

Termites themselves are not related to ants in any way. The phrase "white ant" came about via an advertising campaign in the 1970's in Australia and to this day some people still refer to termites as white ants.

Pest myth # 2

If black ants are around there won’t be any termites

Black ants and termites can co-exist. Termites operate in concealment so most of the time ants can’t see them.

Pest myth # 3

Do electronic pest repellents control pests?

If they did, all pest control companies would close! Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. There is no conclusive scientific evidence that these devices actually work to deter pests by sending out ultra-high frequency sound waves as sellers suggest.

Pest myth # 4

I had ants all over my pavers & used fly spray on them and they all died. I think I’ve got rid of the problem

Afraid not. You possibly only killed 10% of the ant colony. The rest will simply stay hidden deep underground for a while then resurface in a few weeks at the same place or in the vicinity.

Pest myth # 5

I’ve been told that moths can eat clothes

Actually this is only half true. Adult moths will fly around, be attracted to light and happily sit on walls and curtains. Moth larvae are the problem as they crave the natural fibres present in clothing.

Pest myth # 6

I’ve heard freezing bed linen will kill any bed bugs in that linen

Yes, a few hours in a freezer will kill bed bugs but do you really want to be stuffing your sheets and pillows into the family refrigerator? But also, bed bugs can locate in small cracks and crevices in beds, skirting boards etc and these definitely won't fit into your fridge!

Pest myth # 7

My house has been damaged by termites but my building insurance will cover it.

In Australia building insurance WILL NOT cover termite damage.
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