What our warranty doesn’t cover

Warranty stampThe warranties carried by Perth Pest Control are industry leading and it’s important to know not only what they cover, but what they don’t cover.

Our termite warranty will cover you for most issues that may arise from our termite treatments however to maintain this warranty after the initial 12 month period, one must continue with the annual termite inspections. This is common sense as no termite barrier is 100% secure forever and any pest control company that says this is speaking fallaciously so an annual check should give you peace of mind and give us the knowledge that termites are not invading your property and if they do happen to breach the barrier, we can quickly apply measures to stop that breach. It’s important also to note that these 12 monthly inspections are a recommendation of the Building Code of Australia and the WA Department of Commerce.

With our general pest treatments, in most instances we apply a 3 month warranty so if the pest treated returns in that period, we will treat again at no charge.

There are exceptions however and one of these is with our bed bug treatments. Here we do the initial treatment however pesticides don’t kill bed bug eggs and those present at the time of treatment may hatch weeks after a treatment. We will use a residual pesticide for future hatches, but there will be necessary follow up procedures to be undertaken by the customer so in this instant, we can only offer a 1 month warranty on bed bugs.

With bees and wasps we don’t offer a warranty. This is simply because we know that if we eliminate the colony at the time of treatment, the original inhabitants will not return however there’s always a possibility over ensuing weeks or months after a treatment that new inhabitants may fly in.

What our warranty doesn’t cover