Why a warranty for pest control?

When you buy a fridge or a car you get a standard warranty so that if something goes wrong within a certain period of time, that problem will be fixed. If it’s ok for a fridge or a car to have a warranty period, why can’t the same be applied to a pest control service? Why can’t you have a rock-solid pest control service warranty? Well you can!

With a pest control service, you are paying good money to a company to offer protection to you, your home and your family and so you should firstly expect good service and then if, at some future time that problem reoccurs, you should have confidence in the pest control company that they will provide some sort of backup service to you, their customer. This is just good business sense but unfortunately not all pest control companies operate for the long term benefit of the customer but rather just think of short term profit.

contract-and-penAt Perth Pest Control we know the value of a satisfied customer and know that providing a good initial service is only the beginning. We pride ourselves not only on the standard of service we provide, but also on the level of backup support we give should in the unlikely event, something go wrong down the track.

With pest control we are dealing with living entities . . . ones that breathe, eat, reproduce and have all the eccentricities and unpredictability one expects from such an organism. A fridge or a car are mechanical objects that humans are good at making and know what to expect when they stop working, but in dealing with pests however, we can sometimes strike the unexpected. We know this and we explain it to all our customers and we also know we have the highest levels of insurance and warranties within the pest control industry in Australia just in case the unpredictable happens.

warranty-best-in-the-industryBut talk is cheap. Unless warranties are given in writing in a clear, precise English, they’re worth nothing so at Perth Pest Control we will give you a 100% bulletproof, written warranty with our services so if you do check other pest control companies, ask about their insurance and warranties and then come back to us and you’ll be pleasantly surprised and . . . we won’t be unpredictable!

Why a warranty for pest control?