Why is Perth Pest Control’s warranty so good?

Perth Pest Control was first established in 1999 and our family involvement in the industry goes back even further than that. Being such an established family owned company, we are well aware of our corporate responsibilities as well as the responsibilities to our customers and for these reasons, we have in place what we consider to be the strongest and most consumer friendly warranty structure in the pest control industry today.

By law a business needs to offer some sort of avenue for customer redress for the product or service they provide if that product or service isn’t what was described or if it proves to be faulty. Unfortunately in the pest control industry we know of operators who perhaps don’t provide the level of service expected and their avenue for redress is a little “dodgy” to say the least and unfortunately this practice can give the industry as a whole a bad reputation. What perhaps exacerbates this problem even more is that in Western Australia pest control companies don’t even have to have insurance!

At Perth Pest Control we have gone the other way. We have instituted a simple, written, no-nonsense warranty that far outstrips just about anything else available in the Western Australian market and we can do this because we know the level of service we provide is extremely professional and all of our staff are fully trained and extremely competent in the roles they perform.

However with any business, occasionally something can go wrong and the sign of a top level business is how quickly they act when this happens. Be assured, at Perth Pest Control we are as customer focussed after a sale as before a sale and will always strive for excellence in both our services and our customer relations . . . and isn’t that what being a successful business is all about?

Talk to us about our warranty. When we give you a quote for pest control, we will always give you concise, written details on that quote outlining the conditions of our warranty in an easy to read format that doesn’t contain any “outs”.

Perth Pest Control - a family operated business