Complete programmed treatment for all types of business

Perth City Twilight

One of the many areas in which Perth Pest Control excels is programmed pest control services to businesses, government and other commercial entities in Western Australia. We have been involved in supplying this service to a wide range of businesses both in metro Perth and many country areas since we began the business over 15 years ago.

Whilst our quality control is paramount when we provide pest control services to residential customers, in the business world we must also be aware of other, more specific rules and regulations that can apply for example, knowing the public health regulations relating to food preparation and food service areas and the choice of which treatments we can or cannot use as well the OH & S and other Worksafe issues and requirements.

Perth Pest Control can provide control of pests in your business and we do so with full compliance to all local, state and federal regulations that may relate specifically to your business with regard to pest control methods. We service (but are not limited to) premises & industries such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Small food outlets
  • Hospitals
  • Medical centres
  • Retail shops
  • Mining
  • Shopping Centres

So be assured we are quite cognisant and very understanding of what may be your specific requirements. We can structure a service for you that will include a first up treatment and Business iconthen follow up treatments and / or monitoring should you require.  We can work with any constraints you may have such as:

  • Time deadlines
  • Access issues
  • Out of hours treatments
  • Licencing and accreditation issues
  • Staff medical issues
  • AQIS Compliance

We are a well established company that has one of the strongest insurance coverages and warranties in the industry and so you can rest assured we can provide an extremely well balanced and professional approach to pest control needs in your business. A cross section of our clients includes:

  • Cash Convertors
  • Perth Airport Building Services
  • Catholic Education Centre Leederville
  • 140 William Street Perth Heritage Building
  • Old Treasury Building Perth CBD
  • Perry Lakes Apartments
  • Fort Knox (Heirloom) Fremantle

Service ChalkboardContact Perth Pest Control for advice on any pest problems you may have on your premises or businesses. We are very adept at providing reports, conducting site inspections, submitting tender documents and other business or government specific administrative requirements that may be required.