The problem & control of birds on business premises

hitchcock-birdsPerhaps it was Alfred Hitchcock who first alerted us to the problem of birds and the effect their unwanted presence can have? Unlike the movie, the damage caused by birds in business premises is real and they can inflict both financial and physical damage to both a business and its workers and so bird control (and possibly bird removal) are things that need to be acted upon immediately.

The bird problem for commercial and industrial premises can be many faceted and unless a property is securely proofed (sealed) against bird entry, it may be vulnerable and one or more problems may arise because of bird entry. These problems may be:

Disease transmission – birds can carry a huge number of transmissible diseases and some of these can be fatal! The droppings of birds can cause the spread of these diseases through humans inhaling the bacteria from dried droppings, or perhaps through direct transmission to food.

Product & packaging damage – birds flying into areas that may serve or produce food is not uncommon. They will happily fly in and consume as much food as possible. Large loading docks in warehouse provide the perfect access for birds to come and feast on any food that may be present and in doing so, their acidic defecation may land on pallets or packaged goods and then issues may ensue regarding quality and possible infection.

Personal safety – bird droppings in a confined area such as a warehouse can cause problems other than those previously mentioned. Fresh droppings are extremely easy to slip on and once a business has this occurring on their premises, all sorts of personal injury and workers compensation issues can ensue.

Essentially the problems caused by birds arises simply because of their entry into premises. It may be an old roof has some holes that allows easy entry, perhaps birds enter through an open loading dock at the back of a warehouse or simply invade a roof space by flying in under open eaves but whatever the method of entry, Perth Pest Control are extremely experienced at a number of methods of bird control in Western Australia.

bird damage due to droppings

Piles of bird droppings collected during a warehouse conversion in Fremantle

Our experience has shown us one thing about bird problems in that birds don’t discriminate. They can appear anywhere. We have solved a problem in a small house that had two pigeons setting up a nest in the roof void, and then at the other end of the scale we were contracted to eliminate around 150 fouling pigeons who had taken over an a very old warehouse being renovated in one of our southern suburbs (see picture above).

The methods we employ for bird control (and bird removal) can include bird proofing, bird nets, bird spikes and in severe cases, baiting and shooting. More details on methods employed by Perth Pest Control can be seen under the “Types of Pests … Birds” section on our website. Contact us if you have a bird problem and keep in mind no job is too big or too small.