Traditional termite barriers for existing homes

Termite treatments can take many forms the decision of which depends on a number of factors such as whether new or existing construction, type of construction, overall property layout, cost etc, however they can broadly be classified into two main types: physical or chemical termite barriers, both of which are robust and effective methods of termite protection for Western Australian homes.

Homes under construction have a wide spectrum of termite barrier options available and all these can be seen HERE on our website. Existing homes are restricted to liquid termite barriers

Traditional Liquid Termite Barriers

Are the most popular forms of termite protection and consist of a liquid termiticide that is sprayed either underneath a slab (in the case of new home constructions), around the external perimeter in the case of an existing house or piped through a reticulated system around a home. Liquid termite barriers have varying lives of between 5 and 10 years depending on the treatment used after which time it will have to be re-applied. At Perth Pest Control we use all four registered termite barrier products and the choice depends on the warranty period, cost, method of operation or toxicity level. Briefly, these four products are:

Pyrethrum DaisyBiflex Aqua Max – our most popular treatment for termites. It’s an odourless, water based, synthetic pyrethroid modelled on Mother Nature’s very effective insecticide pyrethrum which is extracted from the pyrethrum daisy. At the recommended dosage rate Biflex provides the longest protection period of any termiticide. The barrier stays exactly where you need it and will not be leached away by rainfall or watering of lawns and gardens. Unlike some products, Biflex Aqua Max is non-systemic, which means garden plants and other vegetation will not translocate the barrier away from the treated area. Biflex Aqua Max solves your termite problems in two ways; not only does it work quickly to kill and repel foraging termites, it also creates an invisible protective barrier that surrounds your home for 10 years and our warranty ensures this.

Termidor – is a relatively new water based and odourless treatment that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a little unique in that it acts not so much as a barrier to repel termites, rather it encourages termites to enter a treated zone where it bonds to their cuticles. The termites will not die immediately but because of their nature, will pass this toxin onto other termites. Even if termites don’t come into contact with the treated zone, they eventually will die because of their contact with other infected termites. Termidor has an 8 year warranty.

Premise – like Termidor, Premise is a non-repellant termiticide. Termites can not detect it so they will unknowingly enter a treated zone and carry the poison back to the colony all the while infecting other termites. Premise is water based, non-odorous and has low toxicity to humans and household pets. Premise treatments come with a 5 year warranty.

Fully warranted termite barriers!

Our famous warranty on termite barriers for existing structures is worth reading about

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Altriset – is the newest liquid termiticide available and represents a breakthrough in the fight against termites. Not only is Altriset extremely effective, it is a natural water based termiticide that is completely safe around humans and pets and so safe in fact, that it is exempt from poison scheduling by the Australian regulatory authorities. The active ingredient in Altriset was formulated based on a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of a South American plant, Ryania speciosa. From this, scientists created a breakthrough termiticide that works unlike any other. When a professional applies Altriset, he or she only needs a low dose to control termites and ensure extended residual control. Altriset targets termite muscles and will stop them feeding within hours. It doesn’t kill them immediately allowing increased transfer to other members of a colony and this transfer effect means a much greater part of the colony will be destroyed. This controlled elimination of a termite colony makes Altriset a breakthrough in residential termite barriers. Altriset treatments have a 5 year warranty.

Termite in targetOne important point relating to our termite barriers is that all our treatments are water based. This means they are odourless, environmentally responsible and present an ultra-low hazard to humans, cats, dogs and other mammals. We could use cheaper solvent based treatments however issues have arisen with these types of chemicals, such as health problems for asthmatics during the drying process, and so Perth Pest Control will only recommend and use water based treatments for termite barriers . . . the level of termite protection isn’t diminished but the treatment is just a little bit more enviro friendly. Also, keep in mind that Australia has one of the most stringent pest control regulatory systems in the world. All termiticides in common use have undergone rigorous evaluation and testing to get approval by state and national government authorities so rest assured, at Perth Pest Control we are firmly committed to the judicious application of all government regulations relating to the methods and treatments we use in controlling termites and other pests. Note that except for Altriset, all other products are out of patent and this has spawned a range of cheap generic copies however Perth Pest Control will only use the original manufacturer’s product in our termite treatments.

Chemical Barrier applicationWe can provide a good option to protect your home from termites and no two homes are necessarily the same and what may work for you, may not be suitable for your neighbour however, one thing we will not do and that is provide a short term ‘quick fix” that only eliminates visible termites and leaves the colony behind to return on another day. Quick fixes may seem cheaper but at the end of the day, it’s your home – your largest investment – that you need to protect so why take a risk?

In the pest control industry, paperwork is extremely important. In the off chance something does go awry with an installed termite barrier, do you have back-up support from the pest control company involved? It’s essential that you only deal with insured pest control companies and in WA, the licensing body (WA Public Health Department) doesn’t require pest control companies to have insurance but rest assured Perth Pest Control, through QBE Insurance, carries the highest level of cover in the industry.

One final point on termite barriers, Perth Pest Control also maintains a very high level of warranty for our customers. We do this because we are very confident with the standard of service we provide however one thing we always stress is the importance of annual inspections. Not only does this maintain your warranty, but more importantly it will keep up the protection so needed for your home and if, in conducting your inspection we find termite activity, we will provide treatment to the site at no charge. (note that all of our termite barriers include a full inspection report to AS3660 requirements).

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