Termite inspections for new or existing homes to AS3660

House timber inspectionTermites are not insects that sit still. They are constantly foraging . . . constantly seeking out new sources of food. They are also very cunning and very persistent and can make repeated attempts to get to a known food source.  Existing termite barriers, either physical or chemical, should reduce the likelihood of termites entering your home but through changing circumstances (perhaps a building renovation or addition for example) a breach of a barrier could occur and then provide an avenue of ingress into a property allowing termites to wreak their carnage so a properly conducted termite inspection is essential.

Perth Pest Control will conduct a thorough termite inspection for your property (new or existing) and will conduct them to Australian Standards AS3660.  The scope of our termite inspections includes inspections of the following areas of your property up to 50 metres from the main structure:

  • Roof void
  • Sub floor (if applicable)
  • Gardens
  • Exterior of the building
  • Interior of the building
  • Outbuildings
  • Fences

Termite inspectionThis Australian Standard also recommends having these inspections on an annual basis. Termites can do damage very quickly once they find a food source and this can happen in a matter of months so it’s important to have inspections no longer than a year apart. There are high risk and low risk termite areas in Australia with Tasmania being a rather low risk whilst Perth is considered a very high risk of termites being active (TERMITE SURVEY AND HAZARD MAPPING L.J. Cookson and A.C. Trajstman 2002) so here in Perth you must be extremely diligent with regard to termite inspections otherwise you may pay the price!

Once we perform our initial comprehensive inspection of your property which, by the way, can take approximately 45 – 60 minutes depending on the size and type of structure, we will then explain to you the approach we would take with our termite treatment. Treatments can vary according to a number of factors and we will detail these, along with a written quotation for the work to be performed.

House inspection timberSubsequent to the termite inspection, we would apply a termite barrier treatment after which you’ll receive from Perth Pest Control, a 12 month free service period. This means that if termites do return during this period we will treat them at no cost to you. To maintain this warranty you simply need to continue with the important 12 month inspections.

A fully licensed pest control company (such as Perth Pest Control) must adhere strictly to the terms of the Australian Standards in performing a termite inspection and treatment for your home and we would be more than happy to detail this further when you contact us. You can call us on 1300 89 60 70 or alternatively, complete the form below and we will be back in touch with you within 24 hours. Note that if you are wanting a traditional liquid termite barrier, this will automatically include an annual inspection report.

Online termite inspection request form

  • Details about the property to be inspected / treated
    (Note: Account to be finalised prior to the release of the report)
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