The technology we use

At Perth Pest Control we employ a number of methods to locate general pests and termites specifically. We will do a thorough visual inspection, inside and out, to determine termite activity but what about the places that can’t be seen . . . wall cavities for example?

In past times termite activity behind a wall may have meant destructively cutting a hole in that wall to confirm a pest controller’s suspicions. Very messy and costly to a homeowner and if the suspicions were wrong, another hole would be cut! Today however, we can operate a lot smarter and do so by embracing modern technology in a way that has never been done before in the pest control industry.

Borescope for finding termites - white ants

A typical Borescope

Perth Pest Control use several instruments to aid in their accurate determination of termite activity on a property and keep in mind, it’s not just about locating termites but determining their exact point of ingress into a property…only this way we can eradicate both the localised termites, but also the colony.

In pursuit of all this, we use, first of all, a moisture sensor gauge. Termites are attracted to moisture and this instrument solves one piece of the puzzle in the location of termites. We also use a Borescope to give us a more visual identification. The Borescope is a very small camera located on the end of a flexible tube and allows us to visually inspect inaccessible locations.

termatrac-logo - termites - white ants

Termatrac unit and Android phone - termites - white ants

Termatrac unit and Android phone

But perhaps one of the newest and most amazing pieces of electronic technology now available to the pest control industry is a device that detects, confirms and tracks the presence of termites . . . Termatrac. Termatrac is an NDT device (non-destructive testing) which means we don’t have to pull off skirting boards or smash holes in walls to locate termites on your property. Termatrac is an instrument that uses cutting edge radar technology that not only accurately locates termites, but also their nests and entry points to ensure the most cost efficient, and effective, termite treatment is offered to you.

Using Bluetooth technology plus an Android phone, Termatrac provides real time indicators of termite activity plus the unit stores all data received and can provide accurate reports to you if required (see the following video).

Termatrac also has built in moisture and thermal meters and the combination of these plus the radar tracking capability make this instrument an extremely powerful weapon in the war against termites! Download the Termatrac brochure HERE.

The following video whilst made for the pest control industry, is still worthwhile viewing as it gives a good insight into the applications of the Termatrac termite detector:

This interesting video made in the USA by a pest control company shows a visit by the company to a customer’s house where they found termite activity using the Termatrac:

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