Termite treatment maintenance agreements

Organising a termite treatment for a client is one thing but organising an effective treatment and having that treatment backed up by a sound termite maintenance agreement as well as a bulletproof warranty is another thing and as a professional sales consultant or property manager, this is no doubt the approach you’d like to take.

At Perth Pest Control we are very conscious of following best practices in our termite treatments and this goes beyond the initial treatment and into the ensuing years and if anything should go wrong, we will ensure your client gets the best professional advice and treatment available.

Conducting a termite treatment and installing a liquid barrier onto a property is effective but no barrier is impenetrable over time and any pest controller who says this is 100% wrong! Even after a termite treatment, the following may have occurred and initiated further termite activity:

  • Home additions / renovations
  • A plumber may have installed a new soak well or down pipe
  • A telephone technician or electrician may have installed or disturbed underground cabling
  • A new garden bed was built next to an exterior wall

What these highlight is that many events may trigger new termite activity so it’s crucial to maintain diligence and have an annual termite inspection as recommended by the Australian Standard AS3660. This annual inspection may show new termite activity, it may not, but at least there will be peace of mind knowing that there is termite protection in place for that property.

Agree IconPerth Pest Control consider an annual termite maintenance agreement a high priority. From a real estate company’s point of view, it may be that your client wishes to have a termite inspection regime initiated or perhaps instigate a new program. Whatever the reason, talk to us at Perth Pest Control as we have by far and away, the most effective and strongest maintenance and warranty program in the pest control industry today.

We don’t “lock in” people to a contract but if they start an annual inspection we will keep the same annual cost for 5 years and thereafter increases will only be on a CPI basis. Our annual warranty inspections* cover 3 major points of concern with regard to termites:

  1. If we discover any external termite activity within a 12 month period of an inspection, we will spot treat the property at no cost
  2. If, within 12 months of an inspection, we detect internal termite activity, we will initiate a complete baiting program to eliminate the localised termites and the colony at no cost to the client
  3. If, within 12 months of an inspection any structural damage is done to the property, we will undertake all repairs

Our warranties are proof of the commitment we have to the industry and of the utmost confidence we have in our service. We highly recommend that annual inspections be carried out for termite activity and we sincerely encourage you to do the same to your clients. Please contact us on 1300 89 60 70 for further details.

  • Note that warranties apply when a preventative termite barrier has been installed, as per the Building Code of Australia’s recommendations, by Perth Pest Control.