Vacate bond flea treatments

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When a tenant in a rental property vacates, it is their responsibility to leave the tenancy in a fit state for the next tenant and this may necessitate a number of things including a vacate bond flea treatment (end of lease flea treatment). As a property manager you will of course have to make your exiting tenant aware of this and Perth Pest Control can make life a little easier for everybody as we are very experienced at flea control procedures in rental properties.

It’s not enough just to go into a house, apartment, villa etc and do a quick spray. A good pest control company will know the habits of fleas, know where and when they are likely to be present and know which treatment to perform to not only eliminate the obvious active fleas, but also make sure they don’t return in the future.

Yes, fleas are hosted by animals from whom they derive their nutrition however fleas can live for months without food and can remain in areas around previous pet activity, such as carpets and curtains, long after a pet has left the premises.

FleaAs well, fleas enjoy warm, humid weather so spring and summer are prime times for flea activity. So having a good understanding of fleas is essential for a conducting a thorough vacate bond flea treatment.

Perth Pest Control, when asked to perform a flea treatment, will do a survey of the premises to see if there is currently any flea activity and this isn’t just looking around the obvious areas. We will check curtains, skirting boards, around cupboards and other crevices where fleas may be residing.

We will then administer a water based insecticide spray in all these areas as well, if required, we will spray outdoor areas such as garden beds and grassed areas to make sure the flea problem is eliminated. Tenants, as part of their lease, are required to have carpets professionally cleaned prior to vacating and one point needs to be kept in mind, to make the flea treatment most effective and give it a residual effect, is to have the treatment done after the carpet treatments.

Perth Pest Control are very experienced at performing a vacate bond flea treatment and we even offer a discounted rate on this compared to other flea treatments. We know how to work cooperatively with tenants and can do this type of treatment very quickly and at short notice. Usually our services are recommended to tenants by real estate property managers around Perth and we encourage this and if we can assist in any way, please contact us.

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