Physical Termite Barriers

Homeguard Termite Barriers

When considering termite protection for a new building project, one option may be using a physical termite barrier that will give long lasting protection for new constructions against termite attacks. Homeguard is the brand of physical barrier Perth Pest Control recommends. It is a physical and chemical termite barrier in one that is very popular in both residential and commercial constructions in Western Australia. Basically Homeguard is an extremely robust polymer sheet that is infused with Biflex termiticide and is installed in the foundation of a building to prevent concealed entry of termites. It can be installed either under or above slab or around the perimeter to give protection to the wall cavities or frame works.


Homeguard Blue being used to perimeter protect the foundation of a new home

The purpose designed polymer sheet will itself block a termite invasion however with its plastic matrix infused with the powerful Biflex termiticide, any approaching termites will be repelled or killed and this combination provides a powerful, long term barrier which, by the way, carries a 50 year warranty! It will not corrode, crack or delaminate and is a single installation product that fits seamlessly with the construction process.

In some cases, Homeguard sheeting serves a dual purpose both as a termite barrier and as a Building Code of Australia compliant moisture barrier (to Australian Standard AS2870-1996) thereby reducing overall costs.

Homeguard material is available in 3 different standards:

  • Homeguard Blue – 300 micron material that is only a termite barrier and is available in 300mm and 1 metre wide sheets that can easily be cut to suit the particular type of install. Homeguard Blue is used for perimeter and / or cavity protection and not rated as a moisture proof membrane hence it is an economical alternative where a damp proof course is not required. Data sheet for Homeguard Blue available HERE
  • Homeguard DPC (Damp Proof Course) – is a tough 500 micron material that is used for perimeter protection and as well, is rated to provide full damp proofing. Homeguard DPC is available in both 300mm and 1 metre wide sheets and can be cut as required. Data sheet for Homeguard DPC available HERE
  • Homeguard TMB (Termite & Moisture Barrier) – is a 200 micron sheet that offers both termite protection and a moisture barrier in the one product and is primarily a full under slab installation. It is only available in 4 metre x 50 metre sheets and is also ideal for termite proofing of retaining walls or for step downs in slab on ground design. Data sheet for Homeguard TMB available HERE

More information on both the Homeguard product and installation can be seen in the following video:

Kordon Termite Barriers

Kordon provides an alternative termite barrier for new homes.  Made from a flexible laminate, Kordon is infused with Deltamethrin and can be installed either as a perimeter-protect or alternatively, a full under-slab termite protection system. Kordon termite barriers have been developed by Bayer which is one of the world’s largest life science and research and development companies and is responsible for trusted brands such as Aspirin and Berocca.

Kordon has been extensively tested by the CSIRO and has been evaluated to have a durability and design life in excess of fifty (50) years. This represents the life expectancy of a building as deemed by Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB). As well, Kordon is environmentally friendly,  is an allergy free product and is harmless to people and mammals. Tests by the Institute of Environmental Science, Division of Science and Engineering at Murdoch University, WA show Kordon is suitable for ‘low allergen’ design and has been used for primary schools and aged care buildings.

Essentially there are two types of Kordon Barriers:

  • Kordon Termite Barrier (TB) – this is basically a perimeter only barrier that offers guaranteed termite protection when installed in conjunction with a concrete slab poured to AS2870 standards. It can be used in a multitude of constructions including monolithic slabs, slab edge rebates, tilt-slab or bearer and joist construction. Kordon TB can also be installed as a termite protection system for pipes and penetrations as well as installed to provide protection to retaining walls, internal step downs, construction joints, and access ramps.
  • Kordon Termite Moisture Barrier (TMB) – Kordon TMB is a complete underslab barrier, providing both termite and moisture protection and is installed on the bedding sand before the steel reinforcing mesh is laid. All slab penetrations are individually protected by Kordon TMB as part of this installation. The concrete is then poured on top of Kordon TMB.

Kordon Termite Barriers are a quality product which we are happy to recommend for termite protection in new constructions whether they be domestic or commercial. Contact us for more details and advice on which termite barrier may suit your purpose.