Termite treatment for new constructions (liquid pre-treatments)

Termite treatment on landA termite treatment for new constructions can take many forms and one traditional method is to apply a liquid termiticide to the soil under a concrete foundation and around the entire perimeter. There are various types of chemical termite barriers . . . some are designed to kill termites whilst others will act as deterrents to any future termite invasion. Which barrier is best for your project is something to be discussed with the highly experienced staff at Perth Pest Control. We are well versed in the needs of the construction industry and can advise on the most suitable termite barrier for your project. We can implement a termite barrier onsite with minimal disruption to your builders

The product used in a termite pre-treatment of a new construction, as well as it’s concentration, are important factors when applying a termite barrier and Perth Pest Control strictly follows the guidelines laid down by Standards Australia, as well as the recommendations put forward by the chemical manufacturer to provide a liquid termite barrier that will be guaranteed for up to 10 years.

“Termite management is an important issue for the building industry and property owners, and by accounting for the risks of termite damage during construction, we can help property owners to reduce the costs and chemical use of remedial control,” said Dr Don Ewart, Chair of Standards Australia technical committee BD-074 Termites, on which he represents the Total Environment Centre.

Perth Pest Control also design an install physical termite barriers for new constructions and details on these an be found on our website HERE.  One other point that’s worth noting that with the termite treatment for new constructions we only use products that are water based not solvent based so there are no unpleasant odours present on site.

We are very experienced in all aspects of liquid pre-treatment termite barriers and would be more than happy to advise further on this essential aspect of building construction whether it be commercial or residential. Contact us for more details.

Termite pre-treatment