Termite Reticulation Systems

Basically a termite reticulation system offers a replenishable liquid termite barrier (or termite shield) under the foundation slab of a new construction by utilizing a network of extremely robust underground pipes. A liquid termiticide is injected into the pipe network and is infused into the surrounding soil which becomes saturated with the liquid and creates a permanent anti termite treatment that gives year round protection for the construction against termite attacks.

We use TermX termite reticulation systems because of its extreme durability and longevity and the fact that in combination with a powerful, long lasting liquid anti termite treatment affords extremely robust protection for a new building and in fact giving that building a very effective termite shield.

TermX carries a 50 year product warranty and is widely used by builders in the construction of homes, offices and other commercial and government buildings in Western Australia.  It complies with Australian Standards 3660.1 in the construction of new buildings (domestic and commercial) and covers penetrations, perimeter and control joint protection. It also complies with Australia Standards 3660.2 where a new construction is built to abut an existing construction.

TermX Hose Structure

Structure of TermX hose for use in termite reticulation systems

It’s important, when commissioning a pest control company to install a reticulation system on your construction, that they are licensed, fully insured and qualified to do the installation in the correct manner that gives continual, worry-free protection against termites. Perth Pest Control are very experienced in not only the installation of these systems, but also in dealing with architects and builders in all stages of the construction process and we in fact have a dedicated designer and installer that works closely with the industry in Western Australia.

More detailed information about termite reticulation systems can be found on our website HERE, and we are we can supply pricing etc once we sight the builder’s plans. We can also replenish existing termite reticulation systems and if you need further information on this aspect of termite protection for your new construction, please contact us.