Woven stainless steel mesh termite barrier

With a new building construction, possible future termite damage needs to be built into the design of that building. Another popular option we offer to builders and architects to stop subterranean termites from entering a building, or home, is a stainless steel mesh termite barrier. This style of termite barrier is one Perth Pest Control have been using for a number of years and is a tried and proven method against termite invasion for new constructions.

Essentially the mesh termite barrier is made from a high grade corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel coated with a rust inhibiting sealer for further protection. It can be used in almost any building situation with any architectural design and conforms to all relevant building codes of Australia and gives solid protection against the threat of termites.

A stainless steel mesh termite barrier can be used in the following configurations:

  • Slab joints
  • Around a perimeter
  • Around penetrations (gas, plumbing etc)

The barrier is fine enough to prevent termites getting through yet tough enough to prevent termites chewing through the material. The barrier is not affected by the corrosive nature of concrete and ground conditions and is guaranteed for 50 years. It is poison free and is a 100% Australian owned product.

Woven stainless steel termite mesh

Woven stainless steel termite mesh

Perth Pest Control have done many installations of stainless steel termite barriers and are happy to advise on the most suitable design for your construction. We continually work with architects and builders and understand the need for every part of a construction job to run smoothly and on time and our experience combating entry into a new building by subterranean termites is unmatched. We know that termite damage can be devastating and we’re totally confident in the stainless steel mesh termite barrier we use and our high level insurances and warranties back this up 100%

Please contact us for more details where we can go over your plans to offer the best possible option for your project.