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When one thinks of Perth beaches one immediately springs to mind and that is the iconic Cottesloe beach. Numerous photos of this beach’s activities over more than 100 years is really a reflection of the changes in Perth itself.

Of course Cottesloe is not just a beach, it is one of the older suburbs in Perth and is located half way between the Perth CBD and Fremantle. Cottesloe was established officially in 1870 and has a population approaching 9,000. This old and somewhat affluent Perth suburb contains mainly residential constructions and being a mature suburb these dwellings are prone to visits by a curious pest . . . the possum.

Possums, whilst a protected species, do cause a lot of angst for Cottesloe homeowners when they hear loud thumps in their ceilings in the middle of the night. They can inhabit a house and and being territorial animals, they will make it their home for as long as possible. Perth Pest Control has acquired a enviable reputation for not only the number of possum removals we perform in Perth, but also the humane way we capture and relocate these nuisance ‘pests’. As well, we can give advice and perform proofing of a home to prevent future possum invasions.

Another pest that makes a regular appearance in the Cottesloe area is the Coastal Brown Ant. This pest’s presence is probably most easily seen by the sand mounds they make in pavers and slabs. They also can be seen marching through areas where there may be food such as a kitchen. Controlling the ant presence in these circumstances is something Perth Pest Control is very experienced at performing and not just reducing their visible presence, but in eliminating the associated colony.

Termites are omnipresent in Perth suburbs and the older homes in the Cottesloe aren’t immune from the ravages of this destructive pest. Control of termites in the Cottesloe area is something Pest Pest Control are experienced at and our methods follow industry standards and are guaranteed to eliminate and keep termites at bay. Contact us to arrange a termite inspection for your Cottesloe home to Australian Standards AS3660 and in fact for all general pest control in the Cottesloe area.

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