Termite barriers and baiting

There may be times when you, as a property manager or sales consultant, need to enlist the services of a pest control company. It may be one of the following circumstances has arisen:

  • The termite maintenance agreement of the property has expired
  • Active termites have been found on the property
  • A new listing is required to have a thorough termite inspection
  • A new construction is required, by the Australian Building Code is required to have a pre-treatment for termites

Home Inspection CartoonWhatever the reason, there is a need on your part to not only find the most cost effective solution to solve a possible termite problem, but also one that is reliable and has strong backup warranties. Perth Pest Control can assist in all these areas.

Termite barriers can take a number of different forms and further details can be found on our website here however, to keep things simple, with regards to existing homes we can apply a suitable liquid barrier externally that will stop any termite ingression into that home.

Similarly if there is obvious termite activity inside a home, we would use a proven baiting system that will stop not only the immediate threat, but also eliminate the entire termite colony, and we have the latest technology in termite detection to assist us  . . . TERMATRAC Termite Radar Detector.  Further detailed information can be found on our website here

New constructions must, by the Australian Building Code, have some sort of termite treatment whether it be under-slab barriers, physical reticulation or stainless steel mesh barriers and further details will be found here.

Warranty stampWhatever the method, Perth Pest Control specialise in all these treatments and importantly, all work we perform is backed up by our industry leading warranties. Why is a warranty important? Termite barriers, no matter who installs them and how good they are, may, at some point in time be breached. Talk is cheap at the time of sale and so it’s important for you and your client to know that should such a thing eventuate in 6 months, a year, 2 years or more, Perth Pest Control will backup all their work with an industry leading warranty fully insured by QBE Insurance and with no hidden “outs”.

Perth Pest Control work continually with the real estate industry in various forms whether it be a continuation of a termite agreement, spot termite treatments or termite barriers or baiting for new or existing properties. Contact us on 1300 89 60 70 or complete the online form below and we’ll be in touch with you within 1 – 2 business days.